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Maize Processing Equipment

Our standard grade Maize Processing Equipment comes in handy for hygienic separation of corn endosperm and germ. The advanced dry degermination process adopted by this equipment helps to save energy usage. As part of its mechanism, the maize or corn passes from its glass cylinder towards the area located between its toothed plate and rotor. The corns are rubbed with the rotational movement of its rotor spindle and are hulled. Later, these hulled corns pass through discharge hopper. The operator of this Maize Processing Equipment can modify interval rate between its toothed plate and rubbing plate to adjust with different moisture level for effective degermination purpose.


  • The dry method of degermination of maize eliminates the necessity of using steam
  • The advanced mechanism of this machine helps to minimize its energy consumption rate
  • Long working life
  • Easy to maintain
Maize Degerminator
Maize Degerminator
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